Friday, August 29, 2014

My Tree

Hit by lightening
it bled out

The tree must
be cut down

Each day scorch 
all more evident

I remember the
hit that drove

me to dive

below my desk

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Angry Night

The hounds bay
it is unsafe, yet I
persevere with my
intent to educate

The hounds bay
you have yourself
your agenda which
absents you forever

You are stubborn
you have your agenda
which fails you daily
when I only want love

You just don’t get it
you could have it all
if you could lighten up

give instead of take

I lie my head
on my desk
I’m tired

I tried gently
at first yet it
wasn’t good

It did not go
so well as he
railed against

especially me
as I tried 

To connect
with him for
he and me

I tried and failed
I lie my head down
on my desk

I am tired

The brain works
through convolutions
down the rabbit hole
sense to some yet
crazy to others

I am caught in crazy
no sense to anything
convolutions array in
serious brain issues
his brain is fried

Trying to communicate
over and over again yet
not getting through I yell
the worst thing I can do
trying to make my point

It is pointless to point
to ways that could work
in a mind that is gone
yet I try all the time
I don’t get it either

I really need to get
smart to do it right
for I am not doing it
well for either of us
disappointed in me

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sweet Brown Gravy

Sweet Brown Gravy

Sinuous and hard he
moves in undulations
without trying I'm
captivated by his ease
he aims to please and
he succeeds again and
again as I writhe on
cool pressed sheets

Trying to Find

Trying to find
anything at all
that has meaning
in this fucked up
world of crazy
special interests.
What's wrong
with that?

Trying to find
a palace, just
a simple place
that overlooks
the roaring sea.
Driftwood, trees
scatter beach with
water sculptures.

Trying to find
anything that means
sense to anyone who
can teach me anything.
What fresh air would
that be for me, who
has always wanted, to
find perfection.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Door

How many times
I have wanted
to walk out
never come back

I am getting better
each day a triumph
mixed sometimes
with great difficulty

I am determined
I pray for compassion
unselfishness, patience
I pray for indifference

If I am indifferent

we can survive


He seemed so
but he wasn’t
so it seems

life went on
he and me
so it seemed

Now I know 
he isn’t nice
not winsome

I cast him out
wouldn’t take
him back yet

in a heartbeat
tragedy arose
I took him home

It seemed well
for a week and
now the ogre

raises his head
I am in fear and
sadly disappointed

He seemed so
winsome but he
has his agenda

To win me he fails
over and over again
he must leave


Are we blighted before we’re born
ancestral sins we innocents pay for
is it happenstance what comes to us
whether gifts abound or sorrows
is it just “the luck of the draw” that
pays out as we move through life
I only know good things come and
not so good things happenstance

I think it is the luck of the draw