Thursday, December 29, 2016


It has always been
a daring adventure
I lusted on adventure

now I am becalmed
in a waveless sea

It is time to find my
second coming, it is
time to live life fully

It is time to put oars
in the water and pull
out of my stasis

now I am amped
to seek adventure

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Another Day

My smoke alarm is beeping
it sounds like my Peach Faced Lovebird
I have missed him for a long time
sitting on my shoulder, nibbling  my ear
now he is here again, which is how I
stand the shrill alarm over and over

I would change out the battery, but it is
too high, so I travel back in time to my
lovely, colorful and very smart bird

It is nice having him home again, but
I must find a solution to put batteries
in the smoke detector in case the house
should catch on fire and burn down
meanwhile I love having my lovebird 

back chirping in my lonely house

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I’ve lost my love of cooking
last two nights I ate thick
juicy strip steaks on the 
grill cooked by my daughter
avocado as side with lemon 

I rarely eat meat, tonight I 
feel empowered, interesting
what do they put in that meat
or is it natural for carnivores to
glut on bloody red steak


T’is the color of The Alzheimer’s Association
I don’t remember if they said how they chose
it, perhaps like wounded veterans, a similarity 
a connection to the mind boggling war of
a mind disease that makes one a prisoner

It is unjust, there should be treatments if not
cures!  We have men on the moon!  Why not?
To see a mind wasting away, a once brilliant
mind, though any mind should not have to go
this sad, horrific way.  WHY NO DRUGS?

No drugs to at least slow the disease, why no
drugs to cure the disease”  In ten years perhaps
a crisis as baby boomers start coming in 
in alarming numbers, Alzheimer’s, a disease
of aging  can bring the world to its knees 

Step up world, country, city, village, step up!
Check the statics and step up for yourselves
for your parents, for your kids, for your spouse
There is something array, something wrong
and the medical community is silent!

Friday, March 25, 2016

I Clicked in Here to Write a Poem

Nothing is coming to me
nothing at all, each day lonely
each day guilty, each day sad

Each day more peaceful
less stress but lonely and sad
each day more guilty

Not taking him home again
I can't do it all anymore and
I feel guilty and mean

Saturday, March 5, 2016

I sit

In the glow of my monkey light
it is nice to be connecting in verse
life is rife  with connections we are
blessed with

The world is changing, I'm not sure of
how the shift is going

Calling out!



I am hungry
it builds in me
something is nagging at me

My hunger is stimulating as it
builds in me  rising like bread
I love the full feeling

Yet, I miss the emptiness   
a balance where I let go  find

peace  letting go

What Shall I Call Her

No one knew her like I knew her
on the surface sweet  kind

Below the surface she shocked 
her anger hurricane force words
whipped any victim 

It was hard for her to be
my mother  hard for me to be
her daughter

I did not stand down at all and
it ankled her to no end
it ankled me that I ankled her

No longer wanting to be
like her, my Mother who
I would hope to represent

We were two different people

I like to think my daughter and I
are on the same page, much closer
I only have my perspective

My Mother

My Daughter


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oh I Didn't Mean That!

As to how it came out I am
not that angry, sure, I got
shafted, but I'm ok, I say
"Lets go have a beer."
The Window

Sheers billow inside
brown frame window
tattered yellow shade
empty room looks out
at rolling meadows

blue sky freedom
Is There One More In Me

I don't know so I shall amble
through possibilities to find a
purpose to write that one
that will plummet me to stardom

However, I am not serious as to
stardom, but I love riding the trail
purpose to write that one
that will rise me to stardom
Honey Drip

Day was so perfect you might say
the bees might be with me

peaceful, except for my brother
who is not doing well, and my
husband who has Alzheimer's Disease

I need to throw that shit away for
I can't take care of everyone
I can only take of me and McGee

Here I Am

Long hard day
early joy
agenda man
no joy
ruled the day
here I am
I Here Feat Coming

Shod with cleats
stomping with intent
get out of the way!

I can’t speak 

My stomach churning
my heart beating

I hear feet coming

I hide

Monday, February 8, 2016

It Was Cold Today

But, I was warm as I soaked up sun
sitting on the couch in sun reflected
off air and earth and pool and deck

It warmed me outside cement block
covered in stucco home bunker
against hurricanes, building codes
since Andrew destroyed Homestead

I drink in warmth totally relaxed as
life settles down into normalcy where
no more insanity prevails as I go to bed
safe that nothing bad will come to me

Inside my own house there is no danger
sublimely peaceful without arguments
without threats, without mayhem
Peaceable Kingdom where I lie down

I sleep, I sleep, I sleep

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I pretended
to be a princess

It was fraught
with complicated

demands and, I
couldn't do it


now I sway in
sea breeze

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Night Sail
by Diane Belleville

Breeze winnows through trees
crimson sunset flames the sky
black trees against the breeze
my paradise when night is nigh

Crimson sunset flames the sky
all evening I will moon sail
my paradise when night is nigh
stop to dig quahogs for my pail

All evening I will moon sail
moonlight reflected in the sea
stop to dig quahogs for my pail
on this night I will sail alee

I will tie up in my space
breeze winnows through trees
I may see a comet trace
black trees against the breeze

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Choose what works for you
let go of everything else

stride to your own drummer