Saturday, September 15, 2012

Let Me Saunter

Lilting one day
sensuous forest
splayed before me
artist that I am I asked
may I color you rich

let me saunter through
your exterior silhouette
your tresses blowing
in joyous lyric exhulation
adoring amebic alliteration



My favorite month
I love the name

I love the month
when summer wanes
everything is calm

earth colors
soft swatches against
egg shell blue sky

I was born at the turn
from excitement to quiet
placid at the end of the dock

Because I am No Threat To Anyone

I sit before the glare of my computer screen
luckily it doesn't let the bugs in
no West Nile Hackers for me who will suck
my innards of their security
I believe I am protected, Ha!

What have i to protect?

I sit before the glare of my computer screen
wondering what my next step will be
I no longer care about viruses
except the computer kind

What have i to protect?

I like the freedom of nothing
because I am no threat to anyone
yet my husband tells me I am yelling at him

No One

No One

There is no one
but we
on this journey

it is different
when it is a parent
as opposed to

a spouse is
someone who is
who is here

there is no one
but me
on this journey

Saturday, September 8, 2012



I found pictures of them
smiling from dead eyes
their faces clay like

I tore them to pieces
right through their eyes
I never want to look 

At them again

Marble Cows

Marble Cows

Rugged warriors
fierce they kneel
for blessing
rage into war
they do it with 
shaken suffering
no splendor
no grace

Written for sunday whirl: remote, warriors, fierce, suffering, silence, shaken, blessing, rugged, cows, splendor, marble, grace


It can really fuck your life up
when its being used against you
when you are trying to just hang on
and there’s nothing acceptable you can do
not even poop

I shriek for wisdom as it spirals into outer space
while I try to get through another day
of challenges

I think I wish for savvy 
over wisdom



I Am The One Who is wondering
Who Am I?

I Am The One my Mother taught
to ALWAYS be nice.

I Am the One She taught
never to gloat

I Am The One She taught that
sex was something you submitted to

I Am the One she taught to 
become a secretary
aspire to marry my boss.

I am the One Who has been spending her life
trying to get over everything that she taught.

I Am the One Who finally realizes that 
by doing the opposite she still defines me.

I am the One Who Wonders
Who Am I?



A new storm
we escaped
today so we

wind a sound
I can’t quite 
rain drops 
beating on
gutter spouts
angry growls
drops slow

Slow drops
angry growls
build clouds
rain pelts 
my umbrella

I am okay



Transition into fall
bright lights to muted colors
fall off the edge into black and white
resurrect in spring
Persephone's promise