Sunday, December 30, 2012


Tangent we arc
point against one
flame the another

nothing is logical
everything surprises

ice stars strewn
across the sky reflect
against black creek 

the heads did pop
fighting they knead
through the shells

the mother did 
deliver the eggs

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

I sight nesting
great blue bird
lifts me up from
Christmas past
takes me soaring
over land and sea
thrilled nesting

Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Art project
I select the signs
that ring true for me
what I want
to put on my tree

I received many gifts
over the years from
those who know me
to put on my tree

My tree will come 
down soon packed
unless I let it grow
dust glazing ornaments
I must let Christmas go

The music packed away
only began to listen to
Handel’s Messiah to take
me to a perfect ending
the music squelched

Now I’m off to sleep
hear music in my dreams
music that will take me deep
I hope for Handel’s Messiah
perfect Christmas circle

Saturday, December 22, 2012



I trooped through
masses in the mall
loving parents
sweet babes

I found a few nice things

people in good spirit
polite, kind, patient
sweet babes
loving parents

I spy Wood Ducks
Pied Bills dive
swim fast

Small fish swarm
from what’s beneath

I pray for Eve

Eve of Eve

Eve of Eve

It is

I got the bug late
I want poinsettias
wreaths on the doors

I put up the tree
decorated it finely
bought gifts randomly

It is cold as it should be
in a world without love
awaiting the Eve of Eve

It is hot red poinsettias
I need to complete me
not tonight


Poetry Festival

Poetry Festival

Billy Collins
read Lanyard
perfect tribute
to his mother

I heard him read
he signed his book 
we smiled eye to eye
he let me go

Painter with words
he might have brushed
what he was saying

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Tree

A Tree

I did make
a tree

The owl
came back
I thought

Barred owl
who who who who

Great horned’s
who who who who who

I am happy
to have an owl
it could sit here

In my tree

Shared with Poets United Poetry Pantry #129

Sunday, December 16, 2012


“My cup runneth over” the top 
milky, glassy, slicks over my body
erases itch as I listen to tragic news
the blast over and over unfolded rushes
through my head with visibility in my
imagination that I don’t want to see
in desperation over the violence 
that guns bring, I scream, no sigh

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I live just south of the space coast
delicate estuary where birds abound
flight the common denominator
I’ve always wanted to be a bird

I love lift off
I love inflight
I love coming down
none of it without stress

I want to be a bird
magnificent frigate

I want to be a bird
I love inflight
looking down

Expanse of sweet globe home
I love looking down
magnificent frigate

No more flights into space
there are better ways
to learn about the universe

Still, an era has passed
we seem to pass more quickly
through eras as life speeds up

I would like to slow down
bland spectrum doesn’t fill
innate need to fly

 t Hat old bird

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Radio Waves

Radio Waves

Two towers stand tall
I see them out my window
blinking red and white lights
I hear a humming echo
as I sit to write and I wonder
what is passing through me

I’m told aliens exist among us
gave us our start and
“they’re back” to fix our mess
we failed PSY 101
Complete Freedom
which came in waves over generations 

We’ve come a long way
we’re far from clear of abuse
all that goes on over the world
what is visible on our TV screens
what is invisible except sometimes
in memoir from its own slant

Those who run the world seem like
kindergartners with massive weapons
who create such misery to all of us
who are one person in spirit
and I just wish they would get it
what they do to us they do to themselves

Most frightening
martyrs for a cause

Shared with Poetry Pantry #127