Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

Above the clouds that
reflect back street lights
a meteor shower
not able to sleep, maybe
those bombarding meteors
I look out the window at
clouds and too much light
get a glass of water and as
I pass the window, I see
a round, bright orange spot
in the sky, a huge meteor
I guess, if I want it to be

Diane Belleville

Friday, November 13, 2009

For Peggy Christie


Work upstream against the current
turn around for the thrill of a swift ride
plod up a hill dragging a sled behind
for that wind streaming, screaming ride
hard work will be rewarded
process is important
struggle makes us stronger
makes us appreciate a piece of pie

Diane Belleville

Home Alone

Home Alone

When I was five
in a winter storm
wind screaming
snow smacking windows

my mother knelt down
eyes bright blue
lips rose red

you must be a big girl
take care of your brother
I'll be right back

the closed door echoed

my brother immediately fell
into a paroxysm of wailing
dissolved on the floor

I tried reason, comfort
I tried to reach him
he howled like a wolf

alone in the frozen tundra
unable to make him stop
dissolved on the floor
I howled like a wolf

Diane Belleville


Upon Awakening

Fuzzy soft place
bed feels good
dream lifting away
spiders at the corners
light slant blue
I love the angle
early morning



In darkness you can hide
sneak about, feel your way
in darkness you can cop out
not see more ways, no light
on possibilities, in darkness
you can fool many even your
family, yourself, get away
with things you keep hidden
from the light of introspection

Not Knowing

Not Knowing

Not knowing leaves room
for hope, for exploration
the search for education
for discovering what you
are capable or not capable
of accomplishing, lets you
stretch toward possibilities
lets you conduct your life
as though everything is
going to turn out alright
lets you dream instead of
facing the harsh realities

Monday, November 9, 2009



I am earth, quench me
my children born of me
rising up from my soil
need to drink deeply to
grow, to survive, without
water there is no life
dust only

I am earth, quench me
my lakes and rivers and
oceans need replenishing
without water life, no life
all will perish, rains bless
my bodies of water, fill them

I am earth, quench me
but know when enough
is enough, do not flood
my children, wash away
soil, denude my fertility
so nothing will grow
dust only

I am earth, quench me
water my children
flora and fauna so that
all may live and thrive
basking under sun
partaking of air, held at
bay by fire, then rain

Diane Belleville

Financial Crisis

I Cast A Spell

I cast a spell on minds
in the words of Spike Lee
"Do The Right Thing."
There should be no question
as to right, though many get
lost, see right as it pertains
to them only, their ambitions
their agenda, and too often the
only motive is making money
making money is okay, but how
is the issue

I cast a spell on moneymakers
to make money morally, not
bending laws to suit them, not
letting greed empower them
avarice, not avoiding paying
their fair share in taxes to the
country who provided them
opportunities, no offshore banks
yachts registered in the islands
not saddling the middle class
with the tax burden

I cast a spell on the politicians
who have left us all bereft
sitting in the pockets of special
interests reaping benefits
while this great country is brought
to its knees by those who only
care for their bottom lines, their
self interest profit margins
keeping it all to themselves
not paying their share
while America dwindles

Diane Belleville

Saying Goodbye

Beloved Dead

I can't believe you're gone
two years now and I only
just learned you had died
sixty-four is too young
you look good in your photo
playing your guitar and I
learned new things about
you from your obit, a writer
and I wonder if it was poetry
you were a poetic sort
liked e e cummings, painter
potter too, still living in Ithaca
my heart is sad today, to
think I could now be your
widow, and in a way, I am
the only wife you ever knew

Diane Belleville

Clarion River, PA, Oct 2009

Beside The River

River reflects trees
yellow, red, orange
nut smell in the air
leaves drift down

woods crackle, I
sit back against
a Maple searching for serene
I feel unrest

the river digs
down into earth
thoughts race in my mind
stop the thoughts

the river says
let go, be
I watch it, hear it
let go, be

Diane Belleville

PA/NY mid Oct 2009

First Snow

I wake
fall colors swirl
gripped in white
impressionist orgy

Diane Belleville



It used to be exotic
I remember Wow
riding on the turnpike
going to the mountains
stopping at a motel
a pool please, please

I remember delight
the journey was
the destination, alive
seeing new places
mysterious, wonderful

I still search
between the sprawl
for anything unique
get a window seat
marvel at the sights
on cloudless days

beneath, I figure out
where we are, I think
wish they would say
while all around me
people sleep, read
journey my destination

Diane Belleville

Where He Is At

Day of the Dead

He cries sometimes at his fate
other times he resurrects himself
spins around like a five year old
jubilation at awareness of life
still intact, gets angry like a five
year old over mysterious issues

We go in the car, I worry, watch
while he drives, yesterday he said
I promise, when I can't drive I will
give it up willingly, no fight, I said
okay, he says, while I can be in
charge of me, us, let me be, okay

but, today he said, you have to be
my strength, you have to take charge
not something you've ever been wont
to do, and I know, all of it, what I must
do, what I've never done, and I don't
begin to know how, need resources

I have to know when, not too soon
not too late, I have to make decisions
today, for our future, what can we
manage, for how long, what next
when, do I need to put us in the place
now, that we need to be in eventually

it all crashes in on me, like the ocean
all foamy white above my head, what
when, as he dances on the sand, happy
frightened, sad, weary, wary, and then
we pick up again, move along, skip
smile, laugh, join hands, jump waves

ocean aquamarine crests
waves wash our prints away

Diane Belleville

On A Trip

What To Take, What To Leave Behind

Take clothes, camera, a book, toiletries
leave behind expectations, good or bad
leave behind wishes, wants, needs
take goodwill, concern, consideration
take a light heart, take compassion
take your genuine self, if you have one, which
you do, so dig it up, frost off your mirror, look
into your eyes and see, you are real, you are
genuine, leave your other self behind

Diane Belleville