Monday, November 9, 2009



I am earth, quench me
my children born of me
rising up from my soil
need to drink deeply to
grow, to survive, without
water there is no life
dust only

I am earth, quench me
my lakes and rivers and
oceans need replenishing
without water life, no life
all will perish, rains bless
my bodies of water, fill them

I am earth, quench me
but know when enough
is enough, do not flood
my children, wash away
soil, denude my fertility
so nothing will grow
dust only

I am earth, quench me
water my children
flora and fauna so that
all may live and thrive
basking under sun
partaking of air, held at
bay by fire, then rain

Diane Belleville


  1. Such a good poem about the plight of the earth without water or with too much. It's such a balancing act and out of our hands. i'm so glad you have a blog again and will be publishing your poetry. I am a huge fan of your writing.

  2. What a wonderful poem with a wonderful message...

  3. I so love this poem about the lovely, Diane.