Monday, November 9, 2009

Financial Crisis

I Cast A Spell

I cast a spell on minds
in the words of Spike Lee
"Do The Right Thing."
There should be no question
as to right, though many get
lost, see right as it pertains
to them only, their ambitions
their agenda, and too often the
only motive is making money
making money is okay, but how
is the issue

I cast a spell on moneymakers
to make money morally, not
bending laws to suit them, not
letting greed empower them
avarice, not avoiding paying
their fair share in taxes to the
country who provided them
opportunities, no offshore banks
yachts registered in the islands
not saddling the middle class
with the tax burden

I cast a spell on the politicians
who have left us all bereft
sitting in the pockets of special
interests reaping benefits
while this great country is brought
to its knees by those who only
care for their bottom lines, their
self interest profit margins
keeping it all to themselves
not paying their share
while America dwindles

Diane Belleville

1 comment:

  1. Very interesting concept...casting a spell to make things the way we'd like. I'm already casting some spells. :)