Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oh I Didn't Mean That!

As to how it came out I am
not that angry, sure, I got
shafted, but I'm ok, I say
"Lets go have a beer."
The Window

Sheers billow inside
brown frame window
tattered yellow shade
empty room looks out
at rolling meadows

blue sky freedom
Is There One More In Me

I don't know so I shall amble
through possibilities to find a
purpose to write that one
that will plummet me to stardom

However, I am not serious as to
stardom, but I love riding the trail
purpose to write that one
that will rise me to stardom
Honey Drip

Day was so perfect you might say
the bees might be with me

peaceful, except for my brother
who is not doing well, and my
husband who has Alzheimer's Disease

I need to throw that shit away for
I can't take care of everyone
I can only take of me and McGee

Here I Am

Long hard day
early joy
agenda man
no joy
ruled the day
here I am
I Here Feat Coming

Shod with cleats
stomping with intent
get out of the way!

I can’t speak 

My stomach churning
my heart beating

I hear feet coming

I hide

Monday, February 8, 2016

It Was Cold Today

But, I was warm as I soaked up sun
sitting on the couch in sun reflected
off air and earth and pool and deck

It warmed me outside cement block
covered in stucco home bunker
against hurricanes, building codes
since Andrew destroyed Homestead

I drink in warmth totally relaxed as
life settles down into normalcy where
no more insanity prevails as I go to bed
safe that nothing bad will come to me

Inside my own house there is no danger
sublimely peaceful without arguments
without threats, without mayhem
Peaceable Kingdom where I lie down

I sleep, I sleep, I sleep

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I pretended
to be a princess

It was fraught
with complicated

demands and, I
couldn't do it


now I sway in
sea breeze