Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Coming Home

I want to do whatever it TAKES
to make it all right   yet it is out
of my hands.  I don't have the where with all

to be capable of this
I am severely worn out

I know what I must do
it isn't easy. it won't be easy

Sunday, July 19, 2015


I went to read poetry
I went to hear poetry
I went to survive

Reading scares me
to open myself wide
I want to survive

Now I need to hide
hibernate within me

I am the lion at the Manhattan Library
I am the one on the right looking left
for the second coming of a savior, but
saviors have their flaws
I would not want to get miss led!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Must Go To Bed

He demands it
I think he feels
lost at sea
his brain gone
he needs me near
yet I am near
all day long
he is on top of me
I need a little time

just for me
Unhappiness Rules

Anger, hostility, mayhem
insanity keeps me off balance
no respite for he refuses
he’s not like the other ones

Each day constant demands
questions, needs, invasions
of my private space that I
give up freely over and over

There are considerations
as to what I can do
I am not ready to do
anything but keep him home

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


350. Org!

It is hot, hot, hot
everyday since May

We went swimming
 ocean already warm

We are in a drought
big storms  promised rain

We get lightening and fires
very little rain  I water daily

We are lucky, no tornados
we're not in a flood zone

The oceans are heating up
hurricanes are our worry

Meanwhile we pump C02
into the atmosphere burning

fossile fuels 350 ppm optimum
we are at 400 ppm thus storms

Bigger than ever before with a
few exceptions

I bought a hybrid  I recycle
to the exstreme  I avoid waste

This beautiful gem of a planet
comprised by neglect and greed

Can we save Earth?  If not can
we save ourselves?

I don't have a space ship
it's purported some do

Where will it take them?
This beauty is all we've got!

It's Quiet Now

He's gone to bed
steered to rest  I
promised to join
just a bit of time
to write a poem
or two or three
if they are in me

Gun Shots

Gun Shots

Through my brain
leave me dazed
each hit aimed to
maim my peace

Over and over
shots again and
again through me
I have holes 

My life force spills
over a damn place
tears bottled inside
my heart bursting

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Feel So Free

Late in the night
I am writing poetry
no one tries to
hustle me to bed

There is no pressure
the night alive and I
don’t have to go to 

Bed, where we snuggle
down into strange dreams
wake tired as when we
went to bed, while the ice
drops and makes me think

He’s still after me

Sunday, July 5, 2015


I had
a poem
in my head
it was erased

I float now searching
but I can't find it and
I rue such moments

The wind is pulling
at the hurricane shutters
I feel an eerie presence

Eerie feels comforting
in a self-destructive way