Tuesday, July 14, 2015

350. Org!

It is hot, hot, hot
everyday since May

We went swimming
 ocean already warm

We are in a drought
big storms  promised rain

We get lightening and fires
very little rain  I water daily

We are lucky, no tornados
we're not in a flood zone

The oceans are heating up
hurricanes are our worry

Meanwhile we pump C02
into the atmosphere burning

fossile fuels 350 ppm optimum
we are at 400 ppm thus storms

Bigger than ever before with a
few exceptions

I bought a hybrid  I recycle
to the exstreme  I avoid waste

This beautiful gem of a planet
comprised by neglect and greed

Can we save Earth?  If not can
we save ourselves?

I don't have a space ship
it's purported some do

Where will it take them?
This beauty is all we've got!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you for recycling to the max. I think we all need to take steps to save Planet Earth, but I fear it is not happening fast enough.