Tuesday, March 29, 2016


T’is the color of The Alzheimer’s Association
I don’t remember if they said how they chose
it, perhaps like wounded veterans, a similarity 
a connection to the mind boggling war of
a mind disease that makes one a prisoner

It is unjust, there should be treatments if not
cures!  We have men on the moon!  Why not?
To see a mind wasting away, a once brilliant
mind, though any mind should not have to go
this sad, horrific way.  WHY NO DRUGS?

No drugs to at least slow the disease, why no
drugs to cure the disease”  In ten years perhaps
a crisis as baby boomers start coming in 
in alarming numbers, Alzheimer’s, a disease
of aging  can bring the world to its knees 

Step up world, country, city, village, step up!
Check the statics and step up for yourselves
for your parents, for your kids, for your spouse
There is something array, something wrong
and the medical community is silent!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, so true! You would think with all of the researchers they could find a prevention / cure. Indeed, the whole WORLD needs to step up and help this dire situation.