Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I saw them in the movies
my Mom told me seams
must always be straight

I wasn't allowed to wear
stockings until I was way
past eight, garter belt rose

I slid those stockings over
my toes, one foot then the
other, worked them up

my legs encased in hose
silky sheen no seams
milky white above


  1. What a great story of your first stockings. I could see and feel the stockings and what a grown up thing it was to own your first pair. Sensuous last stanza that probably tells why they were so popular. If we hadn't gone to panty hose, we might never have given stockings up. :)

  2. Oh, Belle, I am so glad you are blogging here again! What a sensual poem. I never owned a pair of stockings with seams; and I hated garter belts. Keep blogging. I will check again and again.

  3. Wow, I love this poem, Belle! Very sensual description of sliding on your first stockings.

  4. I giggled when I started reading your poem. As I was thinking about these stockings exactly like this when I was walking this morning. I was wondering how one would describe it...wonderfully presented!