Monday, October 15, 2012

Killer Canasta

Killer Canasta

It was an exhausting day
job interview, killer Canasta
stress sizzled in my brain
silly that I let it affect me
interview encouraging when
I hoped I would be convinced
or she would be convinced
that I wasn’t the person 

I hoped I would remember
the rules for Canasta, but
the rules had changed and
there was so much more to
keep track of and once I said
to a player, “Don’t yell at me”
that was an eye opener since
I hear that admonition often

A learning curve, what I do
that I was now receiving
she wasn’t yelling but she
had irritation in her voice
I got it, time well spent
which left me spent and yet
news, our daughter has
thyroid cancer, we are far

away and pray it is not bad
one of the good cancers if
ever there could be good
she was offered a place 
to repair by her Dad, but I
doubt this is a repair place
for her, since her Dad can’t
remember to be comforting

It was a day I took too seriously
I need to even out and be me
as I am, without fear of anyone’s
appraisal from where they
come from, which is different
than where I come from
to be open to different views
to grow with involvement

For now, I go to sleep 
perchance to dream
scenes of things I need to learn
or scenes of escape from stress
to lilt like a butterfly over pollen
rich flowers there for the taking
where I bury my nose  and then
sneeze, and sneeze, God Bless
God Bless


  1. Sounds like a rough day, Willow. I used to play Canasta when I was a kid. doubt I would remember all the rules either. I'd need people to be patient with me a bit as I refreshed, which it didn't sound like happened.

    Sorry about A's thyroid cancer. Am glad it is one of the most cureable. Hard to even out with all this going on; but do hope you sleep well and deeply. Blessings!

  2. ugh, stress....i know the feeling of just needing to do something yourself to get away from it...just been through the job interview junk and def understand the scrutiny you feel the wieght of....

  3. I truly AM glad you are done with "killer canasta."