Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In The Field

In The Field

buzz hives
cows chew cud
gaze from limpid brown eyes
bright blue bluejays scrabble in deep green pines
pinecones decorate this blue green tree’s thin fingers that point in all directions
hawk’s prey, soar over terrain in search of the next potentate 

In the field she no longer chews cud rather gazes from limpid eyes
across the terrain as hawks soar reeling on air currents

Written for Poets United - Verse First - Fibonacci Poems.


  1. Hi, I like the image of hawks soaring on on air currents - must be great to have the freedom of a bird.

  2. You have painted a vivid image here.

  3. Definitely so much takes place in the field...and most of the time we humans don't spend too much time thinking about it.

  4. so much to take in on an average day chewing cud...
    Beautiful and pastoral and spring-like

  5. So peaceful and dangerous and beautiful.

  6. I thought I commented yesterday, Willow. It must be lost in the ether. This seems to happen once a week or so on Blogger sites.

    I love the fact that you stimulate all the senses with this observational Fibonacci poem. I could hear those birds and bees, smell the sweet grass and pines. I feel as if the cow held me in its limpid gaze and the hawk awaited my departure from the meadow to snare his evening meal.

    So glad you joined us at Verse First. It is a wonderfully supportive community.