Friday, May 31, 2013

As It Is

My life is unraveling
fraying at the edges
no sanity reigns here
days of challenges
to communicate what
can’t be understood

To see the fraying
of a mind once brilliant
to have to change how
to communicate
to know its going nowhere
and no way out

The interruptions while I
try for a moment of self
to write, to read, to think
always interruptions
never time uninterrupted
just a moment for me

I am fraying at the edges
of a fraying mind that bursts
with anger unforeseen he
strikes with forked tongue
goes after me 

I assuage him, gentle him
down to bed to sleep 
he writhes and hisses
he swears and threatens
he says he’s leaving
he’s out of here

I try and try and try to 
console him, comfort
rock him in my arms
though at times I don’t
do so well, express ire
which he says is yelling

I am not perfect
I wish I were


  1. That is so sad. But full of love too.

  2. Yes, very sad. You have written the caretaker's life. You are such a strong person to do all you do. And loving.