Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Compassion

No Compassion

Our therapist said,
as she rolled up to him
knee to knee
“You’re a bully.”

My heart stopped.
I thought he would bolt.
Instead he chuckled, said
“I guess you’re on to me.”

I never knew he knew
he was a bully, considers
it a complement, he relishes
 in it.

She rolled up to me, said
“You hired on to teach him.
What you failed to notice,
he wasn’t advertising.”

He is a narcissist.
He has a disease
aligned with narcissism.
It is all about him.

He has a public demeanor
endearing ways, what 
caught me once, so many
years ago.

Tonight he talked to me
of his need for compassion
how difficult this disease is.
I dug down deep, nothing.

I can’t conjure compassion
there’s too much damage.
I perform my duty to him.
I am only the hired help.


  1. I understand.
    Instead of empathy with you, it is STILL about him!

  2. Oooo...some nasty parallels for me in this. I have been having problems with a jonquil (=narcissis) loving bully. Different gender. Same pain.