Monday, September 2, 2013

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

He’s after me
he’s always after me
before me
beside me
behind me
his presence heavy
he’s always after me

I duck and weave
smile until my face cracks
I disintegrate on the
floor beneath
gasping for breath
from the frontal attack
he’s always after me

He can tell if I’ve had 
something to drink
he’s after me as he 
swills his beers
okay for him but not
for me
he’s always after me

I live in fear each moment
he never lets up so I sneak
sips and puffs
a disgusting way to live
in ultimate paranoia 
I am an adult with free will
it is dangerous to assert myself

Why do I live like this
he's always after me
I'm afraid to leave 
a sad admission
I am a coward
I am one of those women
beaten down

Now I am his caregiver
after angry days we embrace
there is still love and caring
still respect and yet why
do I live like this
he's always after me
it is dangerous


  1. Willow, this poem makes me afraid for you!! I feel for you with all my heart. You need some respite, some escape, some time for you. You know I am here....any time.

  2. We are complex beings, not always rational.