Sunday, November 10, 2013

Without Further Ado

Buckle your seatbelt, Miss
navigate with grace
visions humming 
in an instant all could change
drill your young ones 
over years as they stride
for freedom
to be wise and loving


  1. But sometimes it is not easy to be so wise and loving.....

  2. Terrible we all have to obey the rules and act as we're directed to do and that we drill these things into each generation

  3. I will remind my young ones to be wise and loving, right after I drill them to clean their rooms!

  4. Its not easy teaching someone to be wise and loving. Maybe its an acquired skill, that teaching. :) Or maybe like begets like and if u r wise and loving, u can teach it too?

  5. very nice. I like the's never easy to be wise and loving

  6. Concise and smooth flowing - nicely done!

  7. To be wise is not an easy job - nor imparting that knowledge to the young. Sigh. Very nice write.