Friday, September 27, 2013

Hot and Humid

Hot and Humid

I want to enjoy
cool breeze
leaves turning
soft blue sky
it is hot humid
ninety today

Polar ice melts
Miami Beach
streets flooded
where will it end
world engulfed
all ocean no land

Noah and Arafat
we learn nothing
centuries pass
lessons ignored
we continue to 
destroy all life

Over and over
again we mistake
our mission to
honor life in
variances all
contained within 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


wet on
line hung

Friday, September 20, 2013

He's He

He’s He

He will 
beat me up
one way or

Anew Nuit

Anew Nuit 

I’m alone
first night
two years
gone bye
I’m alone

Only for a
short time
two hours
I sit to pen
in peace
I’m alone
free to be
I breathe
deeply in
out in out

I’m alone
free to be
who I am
I am finely
tuned me

Saturday, September 14, 2013



Seeps out my pores
annihilates him
he lets me know

We are locked
in disharmony
it is my rock

to bare

In the Overall

I had words in my head
to address the overall
he interrupted thought,
said, “What about him if
I don’t take care of me?”

He is right as it is about
having a child again
complete responsibility
for someone else who 
depends upon me. 

In the overall is demand
I am swimming away
from the octopus sucking
me down a dark crevasse
I had words in my head.

Thursday, September 12, 2013



I can't understand war at all
I especially can't understand
when war kills civilians 
accidentally in harms way
mistaken causalities
and then
there's nerve gas
that kills innocents in a
diabolical way

I can't understand war at all
I can't understand nerve gas
used on anyone at all
diabolical it kills in horrific ways

How can anyone unleash
such suffering on anyone
especially innocents 
we are all innocents 
except those diabolic ones

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



room full of men
me and my baby

Monday, September 9, 2013



Copper gown
burnished green
pitted onslaughts
reveal environment
never adorned as she

We Looked Away

“Postwar America fell heavily under the influence of an out-of-control and paranoid military-industrial-complex. The middle-class kids growing up in 60's rebelled and a revolutionary spirit took hold amongst them. Marx was for many a guiding inspiration for revolution. Their indignation was fanned by the oppression of minority races at home and the killing of foreigners half a world away at the hands of an imperialistic American military.”

Marx made us high
united yet less committed
except for getting high

Eventually we fearful
gave up 
"grew up"
followed the path  
of cookies that lead us
to what was expected
educations, professions, families, houses
military-industrial complex

Marx made us high
united yet less committed
We looked away  

Life is Brutal

Life is Brutal

Always been
from the time
we  brought
down animals
by ourselves

No advantage
but brain, that
brain got us 
in a lot of rain

Now we have
advantage over
our weapons
still get smarter 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Email to a Friend

Email to a Friend

I tried to write 
an email to a friend
all night the phone
rang and rang and
rang again

I lived in voice write
phone call friends
I tried to write
rather than call
an email to a friend

Monday, September 2, 2013

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

He’s after me
he’s always after me
before me
beside me
behind me
his presence heavy
he’s always after me

I duck and weave
smile until my face cracks
I disintegrate on the
floor beneath
gasping for breath
from the frontal attack
he’s always after me

He can tell if I’ve had 
something to drink
he’s after me as he 
swills his beers
okay for him but not
for me
he’s always after me

I live in fear each moment
he never lets up so I sneak
sips and puffs
a disgusting way to live
in ultimate paranoia 
I am an adult with free will
it is dangerous to assert myself

Why do I live like this
he's always after me
I'm afraid to leave 
a sad admission
I am a coward
I am one of those women
beaten down

Now I am his caregiver
after angry days we embrace
there is still love and caring
still respect and yet why
do I live like this
he's always after me
it is dangerous