Sunday, November 22, 2015


I do not understand war
killing, maiming, loved lost
be they killers or victims

I do not get weapons used
by armies whatever the 
grievances must it be blood

Can’t there be counsels to
etch out plans for how we
can all live together in peace

This warring world makes
me cry and horrifies me
WHY do we kill one another

The killings seem to be mounting
in the name of religion and I can’t
see anything religious about it

We began together yet separated
into three tribes all not that different
so why are we killing each other

Why can’t we make peace and raise
up from horror and bloodshed 
raise our children free from war

Raise our children not to war
when will we respect differences
which are not so different

My heart breaks this bloody world
so many lives displaced so many

lives unnecessarily lost

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