Monday, December 2, 2013



I miss the early gentle days
after the heat and excitement of summer
the haze, the lull, the relaxation
the gentle lap of the lake
no motor boats, no pressure to live summer
to its fullest for it is gone
a time to unwind, reflect, enjoy
smell, see, revel, pick apples

I miss the leaves
crimson, scarlet, burgundy
orange, yellow, bronze
maple, oak, popular
that set the stands ablaze
detach on breezes
cradle down on buffeted currents
raked into piles, then burned

I miss the nutty smell of fall
the chop of fallen wood no longer green
loading logs in chill blue air
to keep us warm
through the frozen season
of black and white, wisps of smoke
warm inside
I miss the Headless Horseman

1 comment:

  1. There definitely is SO much to miss when fall passes....but ha, I do not miss the Headless Horseman. Smiles.