Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Think

I think I'll sleep
on my couch
that couches me
yet I'm never allowed
he comes calling me
insists I come to bed

I think and think how
will I make it work
for both of us so we
can be delightfully
free to be individual
each onto their own

He is melded into me
I like to be free and wish
he could realize his own
his separate personality
not he and me

I want him to fly
on his own careening
sailing in the sky
skimming ocean
heady and free

He hunkers down
minimalist he lives
in a shrunken world
digs in to a bunker
hides his head
refuses sun


  1. Doesn't sound as if there is a lot of overlap...

  2. Sounds very difficult to have someone melded into you! One needs a bit of separation.

  3. So hard, Willow. Keep trying and keep YOU separate unto yourself.