Sunday, October 18, 2015

He Says

You are so fucking angry
I am angry, I confess and
I feel so guilty for my anger
for he is not at fault

He can’t help needing me
to do everything for him, no
sharing as in the past when
he would cook

Now he can’t make a sandwich
he can’t dress himself
and now he went to bed angry
that I wasn’t joining him

I am grateful the noise of the TV
is off and he is no longer calling
to me, or so I hope for just a bit
as I try to sink into relaxation

Everyday drains me down to
barest ability to keep on doing
so much that he demands, I

there is no I, it is all about him


  1. Willow, you have righteous anger! I understand. It is hard to keep giving in the face of continuing demands.

  2. I so understand your anger and helplessness and your exhaustion and frustration almost to the point of the obliteration of the I. You are still there though or you wouldn't be able to use poetry to give the rest of us a point of connection. You convert the energy of pain to the energy of art. I do wish this horror wasn't happening to you or to him.

  3. Yes, I hear the frustration of unremitting demands and not much coming back. I resonate with your words, having experienced one-way streets in other relationships though not to this degree. But I can relate. I echo Victoria's comments. Thank God for writing. That is your "I".

  4. Thank all of you for growing me.