Sunday, October 18, 2015


I’m broken
my husband
taken down by

It is so hard
killer for me too
as his spouse
his caregiver

Demand huge
each minute of
everyday as  I
try and try

I lose it sometimes
he is highly demanding
it feels like insanity

The definition that fits
is impossible reasoning
as he calls and calls to me
all day long

I answer and answer
all day long to assuage him
I am exhausted as he calls
again and again to me


  1. Reading your poem makes me want to reach out to you in compassion. It IS too much, way too much to have on your shoulders. I understand the exhaustion. Really, keep your head above water. Somehow try to find those moments and days for YOU.

  2. You describe the terrible repetition, the endless demands so accurately that I can put myself back in my mother's house, responding to the same request over and over again. It has to be even worse with a spouse than with a parent. I so wish this weren't your truth right now and I respect you for telling it well given that it is.