Saturday, May 7, 2011


Mother's Day Eve

I look for photos
of my mother to share
but they're missing
I don't know where they are
a few of us together
when I was very young
no adult together photos
were they never taken
I think not
no mother daughter embrace
because it never happened
until it was far too late
and no one was snapping


  1. Sad about no one snapping pictures of you and your mother when you were an adult. I think you will have to snap some word pictures from memory to refresh the images.

  2. This is heartbreaking. It makes me want to go and take some photos of mom. She doesn't have any patience with me taking photos and I can't get a decent one of her. This is such a poignant and important piece, Willow.

  3. I'm sorry you didn't get those mother daughter embraces captured on film, Willow. Pictures of Dana, my grandmother, are few and far between. She actually forbid anyone to take her picture, she felt too ugly, and I always see her as beautiful. Your poem brings back that yearning for me.

  4. I can really relate to this. My mom is just not the kind of person who can stand displays of affection.