Monday, May 2, 2011


The lakes are down
the temperatures up
two mockingbirds 
attack a boat tailed grackle
in a bottlebrush tree
another lies dead beneath

green scum floats on water
duck family disappeared
rings disturb the surface
no splash from roils beneath
lawns are green as all water 
despite the bans

for rains will come
perhaps with a vengeance
this is Florida after all
just one hurricane can fill us up
brim full and overflowing
for now we wait for tropical rain


  1. This sounds like a terrible drought, Diane. I hope it doesn't take a hurricane to revive everything. I love the tropical feel to this and the way the poem flows. It's nice to read something so easy on the tongue. :)

  2. Willow, I like what came to you. It is a gift, I think, when one can write something like this, just letting words, images, and feelings flow.

    The difference between drought and no drought can be ONE storm.

  3. I do love the way your poem flows, Willow. Often I will read poems aloud to myself, and this one begged to be heard as well as read. Very nice work.

  4. wonderful poem. very visual.

  5. Willow, like Lynne, I read poems aloud. This situation you describe can be so depressing to an entire community. The pond scum, the ducks trying to hang in there... and then, well, just one devastating storm and you're in the water again. Hard living, that Florida. Love your blog! Amy Barlow Liberatore