Friday, April 29, 2011

The Forgetting


We wrestle with the monster
which we perceive as sometimes you
sometimes me
why we do, say the things 
that come out wrong in a war against each other
when it is the Monster who fucks with our heads

Monster robs you of your cognizance 
makes rationality impossible
coupled with loss of short term memory
extreme frustration and irritability
over the struggle with everyday tasks
that now seem insurmountable

as you lose your patience
I invoke composure, compassion
all the while I am frightened
tense in our world that is upside down
where you who have always been supreme
now must take the backseat to me

I must make the decisions
not just what's for dinner but financial
selling the house, buying another
preparing for the questionable future
I don't feel up to the tasks while I wrestle
with the Monster


  1. Well Done; I think we can relate at some point in time~

  2. ah, Willow, a Monster indeed. We all seem to have our personal monster, waiting to snatch us into an unfamiliar world
    a strong, sad poem

  3. Excellent and sad and scary poem, Willow, about the monster who fucks with your head. You have really captured the essence of the life you are living right now...the monster(s) you deal with.

  4. An excellent account of the personal turmoil endured by some in life.
    An excellent 'monste'r example....


  5. What a horrendous monster you describe here, Willow. So sad it can't be totally irradicated. I hope it is sooner rather than later. Love and hugs to you.

  6. well, the monster that doesn't kill you makes you stronger through the fight against it. great poem! I like your observations on life.

  7. You write from your heart, Willow, and it breaks mine. I see two wonderfully unique people trying like hell to fight off the monster that possesses one and leeches off the other. Coexistence is not easy in this triangle, Willow.

  8. Truer words were never written ~~~ 'as you lose your patience
    I invoke composure, compassion' ~~ good job!

  9. Wonderfully written. It's good to recognize the monster (the scariest kind of all, I think), and good to voice the difficulty of always keeping that frame of mind.

  10. I can well imagine that wrestling with the monster takes more than all of your energy, and yet all else is still to do as well. Such a difficult passage. I highly recommend two movies: Away From Her with Vanessa Redgrave which is a fantastic love story about a couple dealing with Alzheimers, beautifully done......and Iris, about the novelist Iris Murdoch's life with Alzheimers, as written by her spouse. Just to shore up what you are going through, knowing others are walking that path too. God bless.