Monday, April 25, 2011

From the War Zone

Little Acts of Sedition

Little acts of sedition
are my sanity
or spawned perhaps
by my insanity

Little acts go unnoticed
I flush with excitement
a way to be about danger
not the one waiting

I need the warmth 
running through my veins
from playing little games
harmless I promise

Little acts of sedition
living in a war zone
no chance of escape
no way out


  1. I hear you, Willow! I understand.

  2. Wow! This is so very strong, Willow, overwhelmingly so actually. Here's to those little acts of sedition.

  3. This is stunning, Willow. I have never heard of this before (acts of sedition) but you present it well. Having control in a life where you don't have any is something to think about.

  4. I like the ideas in this poem very much - I wonder if you could tighten it up a little? keep the first and last stanzas but harden-up the middle? just a suggestion

  5. Hello.
    Your last stanza speaks volumes.

    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Much appreciated.

    Woman As My Friend And Lover

  6. "Acts of sedition" I haven't been near the idea or something similar since the 'history of revolution 101.' I like this.