Sunday, April 10, 2011

Never Again

Never Again

Never again will I bear a child
my body no longer lays eggs
Never again will I phone my Mom
her body now lies in a grave
Never again hear my Dad's stories
he and his Liar's Club passed on
Never again enjoy my Grandmother's
old fashion garden of flowers and herbs
Never again eat my Grandfather's 
own homemade sill and lutefisk 
Never again romp with Max
Bufo Toad took him down
Never again hear cousin Nancy
play guitar and sing folk songs
Never again look for Norm
to pass me in a sports car
Never again run an eighteen minute
5K, runners need not laugh
Never again will I not write poetry
no matter how bad
Never again will I not thrill to beauty
nature and love all around me
Never again will I not give thanks
for every blessed day that I live


  1. This poem is beautiful because of the ending. Though there is plenty to be sad about there is the joy at the end that I love. After I read this I wanted to do one of my own because I kept thinking about the things I won't do again. However, after I read your ending; I would must rather think about all those wonders ahead if I look for them.

  2. I am so glad you will never again not write poetry. Your poetry adds beauty to my life.

  3. It's sad to think about all the "nevers." I'm glad to see that the poem ended with what you will do. (so don't say you'll never try a ballad either!)

  4. Beautiful poem! The flow of this is perfect from melancholy to appreciation of what you have. (You are being read in Guatemala right now.) Hugs

  5. While I was reading this, I was thinking tick, yes, me too - but then I thought of all the pluses the nevers carried with them no more worrying about falling pregnant, no more parental finger-wagging (I know that is not the sentiment you were capturing). It is so easy for us to try to hold on to the past and see it as a paradise we've been expelled from, whereas it was once a present that had problems too.

    I was so pleased that you ended on optimism and hope and joy in the present tense.

    And thank you for all the lovely things you've said and been sprinkling about my blog

  6. Wow, Willow. So much to digest here in this poem. I love the way you bring it to a crescendo of sorts and then end it with the things you will never not do, writing poetry, loving, thrilling to beauty of nature. wonderful work!

  7. Oh yes, Isabel, no more children, Yes! LOL...and though I miss my Mom, no more living my life to garner her approval, nor listening to my Dad's harrumphs. Yes, so many problems.

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments.