Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Am Not A Leader

I am a leader in absentia
I demur but then I strike
with suggestions
ideas of how things might go
how it could be better

I never want the podium
never the limelight, I just
see a way and I suggest
often to resistance
falling on deaf ears

I am not a leader
prefer to abdicate
let those with vision
take charge while I am happy
to ride on their coattails

I prefer equality
yet leaders are necessary
someone to take charge
make decisions
for the benefit of all

I am a wise woman
perhaps I should
step into my shoes


  1. Your poems are about leadership are profound to me, Willow. Sometimes the best leaders are the quiet ones, like you, who get things done behind the scenes.

  2. You definitely are a 'leader,' Willow, but you are not one to 'toot your horn' about it. I know what you mean about preferring equality. Me too, but that sometimes does NOT work out when things need to be accomplished. You ARE a wise woman and your ideas SHOULD have respect!

  3. easier to be seditious if not on the podium too ... well crafted

  4. So interesting, Willow. We do need leaders though it would be so nice if we all just could work together to get things job in union. Since we need leaders I think that leader should not go unchecked so having feedback from the followeres is certainly necessary to be a good leader. Great job on this prompt.