Monday, April 25, 2011



I jerk awake
just before I hit bottom
my heart feels as though
it will explode out of my chest
I gasp for air
it is always dark

I am not one 
prone to falling
in love or for a gag
I protect myself
rarely physically fall
I'm great at correction

Sometimes I go down hard
just laugh and never cry
until recently I seem
to have lost all control
stumble flayed
go down in tears


  1. Excellent and understandable. I understand the 'until recently.' It is crazy-making sometime how one's usual can change.

  2. What is it about dreams that we awake before we hit bottom. Seriously, I wonder why that is. And what is "usual" anyway? I do understand the message that lies within your poem, Willow.

  3. This is a great poem showing vulnerability now. I feel a change, too, and fear that I have not felt before. Stumble, stumble.

  4. great capture of that nightmare feeling of not quite falling ... asleep or anything else