Monday, April 4, 2011

It's April

It's April

I want to write a poem
a poem a day for April
National Poetry Month
but, I'm down and out
a bad cold, exhausted

I want to write a great poem
the best poem for today
but I am tired and worn
my whole body hurts
drugs waft through my brain
coagulating my intension

I want to write a poem today
I know it's stuck in gray matter
disrupted all night by coughing
not sleeping well, just tired
so damned tired, third cold
this year, what gives

I want to write a great poem
I am limited by my slow brain
so I am trundling through 
getting words down to try to
explain why I am stymied 
I can't write a poem today


  1. My prescription:

    a warm bath
    a hot drink
    a good book
    ... snuggles

    hope you feel better soon

  2. You did it, Diane. You wrote a poem. Your words are always there for you and in such a unique way. You are one of the best poets I know. Hope you are feeling better by now.

  3. You're amazing, Belle. In spite of your misery, you managed to write this poem, and really got the point across of how you're feeling. Begone, damned cold!