Sunday, April 3, 2011

If The World Never Knew Me

If The World Never Knew Me

Is the timbre of my voice such
that it rhythms perfectly 
cascading outward forever
a part to balance the universe?

Some say there is a lesson in everything.
Was I an instrument of edification for those 
whose paths have crossed mine?
Did I bring pain because I was pain's purpose?

Was I a vehicle of growth or destruction?
If destruction, was our karma intertwined?
Would the world be unfolding better or worse
or no different if I had not been born?

Were there people I touched who were happy
because they knew me, angry or disappointed?  
I have known both and not known how or if
I may have affected some. 

Would the world have missed my daughter
could it have gone on without us, could it
have been better or worse?  Are we born
for a reason or is there no plan, no design?

Were there lovers I knew who still remember
that night we lay together in sweet new bliss?
Do they wonder where I am, if I am or whether
I was a figment of their imagination?

Has the world heard my sweetness and my
anger and were they both part of the whole?
Is the world a big jigsaw puzzle and I don't fit
and are there others who wonder the way I do?  


  1. Willow, what a wonderful poem. So many deep questions to contemplate. And yes, I do think that sweetness and anger are both part of the whole. And yes, I know there are many people who are happy they know you!

  2. Yes I have wondered and I do believe that if you, I and your daughter had not been we could not meet on this ethereal plain. WE BLESS The WORLD WITH OUR PRESENCE.
    With your words writ you paint on my heart the path to eternal bliss. And if to where I escape, I should meet the soul that is you, I will have met heaven's best.

  3. This is a great poem and it really has me thinkig about my own life. We are all the good and the bad and perhaps we need it all. Great insight.

  4. I love this poem, Belle! It's enthralling and begs to be read over and over, so much to think about.