Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thoughts After a Mary Oliver Reading

Thoughts After a Mary Oliver Poetry Reading

"Appreciate the violets before they disappear,
The heron swooping over the pond is the poem 
I wish I had written"...her voice fades away.
The US in financial ruin, one trillion dollar debt
every year for the next ten years, no hope.
Climate, education, health care, police and fire
protection, jobs, homes, industry all crumble.
Politics as usual, a dirty little game played to
stay in office, line pockets, laugh all the way
to the bank, while the middle class disappears
two classes now, many poor, wealth concentrated 
Wars the world over, brothers killing brothers
Japan devastated in the latest natural disaster 
while Haiti and New Orleans still strive to recover
Donal Trump is campaigning for President
courting the Tea Party vote, a ticket I envision:
Trump/Palin in 2012, "and the beat goes on."
"Some days it's not worth even chewing through the restraints."


  1. I like your blog. Great Article....Daniel

  2. So much meat in this 'write,' Willow.
    So much hopelessness in so many world / national situations. I pray Donald Trump would be more intelligent than to choose Sarah Palin IF he would run.

  3. well said, I always wonder if it was ever so, only we know more today about the suffering?

  4. I am so envious of you hearing Mary Oliver in person, Diane. I love her work. But then her voice fades away.... So much to wonder at in the world. I think Isabel has it right though, the worlds always been in a mess, depending on what generation you talk to as to exactly what. That's my way of looking at things so they don't sting so bad. Donald Trump/Sarah Palin..what a ticket that would be.

  5. "Some days it's not worth even chewing through the restraints."