Monday, May 30, 2011


Memorial Day

We bought geraniums
dug them into soft brown earth
red orange against gray granite
purple lilacs, bright green moss
quiet place
we try not to walk on graves
Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, Mom 
in respect to them who lie beneath
I read their Headstones 


  1. hushed and humming

    I wonder why we don't walk on graves? I always avoid them in Church floors - some sort of god's hopscotch?

  2. Sombre - an a very authentic piece. A common humans are strange.

  3. Willow, this reminds me of my growing up years. We ALWAYS planted geraniums on the graves of ancestors on Memorial Day. Honestly, now I don't even know where these graves are (but my sister does).

  4. I had a great memory of doing the same, Willow. We called it Decoration Day. Then we would have dinner on the ground. I loved reading this!

  5. Loving and sweet poem, Willow.