Sunday, October 16, 2011


My feet dancing through the hoops of your chicanery
heart broken I bolt from sight, wade in shallows alone

Once we had it all, burst on the scene fighting for causes
people gathered and cheered as you promised everything

You were a fake, a fraud, you only wanted worship
your world topples, they shoulder you out with disdain

I can never forgive you, nor can they, your loyal followers
we risked everything for you, now we are outcast

from the challenges for Sunday Whirl


  1. Wow! The political gets personal or other?

    Also, Willow, as a fellow Tree-Hugger,
    Thanks for commenting on my Sunday Tree last week. I’ve posted a new ‘Tree’ and would like to invite you to write something in response to it – or to one of the earlier tress. The post can be found here:
    Best wishes, Isabel

  2. Some bitter threads of political emotion are running through this poetic tale! Fascinating!

  3. Excellent, Willow! So much to think about here. You did a seamless job of 'wordling.'

  4. Love this, your poetic tale of betrayal. Beautifully crafted. penny

  5. Your use of the wordle words was sheer mastery!

  6. I thought this could be either political or personal - excellent response:-)

  7. Terrific poem, Willow, whether describing a political betrayal or a personal one. The title's double meaning is especially effective.

  8. Excellent write! The piece pulled me through it with intensity. Its angry tone shines through its voice. You are rocking these wordles!

  9. Willow, this seems to be a universal truth!

  10. sad, heartfelt words, well done.

    invite you to join poets rally week 55 today.

  11. Such a riveting narrative poem. I get different meanings when I reread.