Thursday, June 20, 2013

George Zimmerman

Every time I look at George Zimmerman’s face
I want to grab him by his lapels
stare into his eyes and ask him what the hell 
was he thinking

I think he is a racist and he killed Trevon
and thought he could get away with it
I hope he doesn’t
was he thinking

Trevon was probably a haughty kid
he didn’t cow tow to Zimmerman
he might have responded to attack
with attack but he didn’t have to die

Zimmerman was out of line and he
deserves to pay for the murder of
a young kid just perhaps being wise
a kid with so much life ahead of him

What was Zimmerman thinking
why did a kid have to die 
for no reason at all
except perhaps for not obeying


  1. Willow, I wish I knew just what to think.

  2. It truly is a sad situation. TWO lives are lost so senselessly. There was no reason, no reason, no reason......

  3. This situation is such an upsetting one--especially now that the verdict is in. Where is the justice? I can hardly believe such blatant travesty could happen. I am appalled.