Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Ocean gone wild today
in roiling degrees of blue
confusion where man-o-war
fit right in hiding beneath
rolling crests frothing white 
then the searing sting

We shared a last feast
one sailboat rides jib south
a cabin cruiser slams north   
on this first visit since 2009
above the wind driven sea
until the next time we meet

Sweet Zach towers over me
Sweet Cody just a tad taller
Sweet Brittney a petite 5 feet
both a sad and joyous time
too many years gone too far by
hard for a scattered mind

Grandpa” knows” who they are
but his focus is on me which
pulls at my focus on them and
their focus on being with us
yet they focus on him endearingly
sadly I fear he misses it

If only, if only, if only, but maybe
if there had been more visits it
would have made this more difficult
for had the children bonded and
seen the changes rather than only
knowing intellectually who he is now

A man lost in a maze of destroyed neurons
a man a-sail with only a jib in a crazy sea
ocean gone wild in degrees of blue
where man-o-war hidden beneath sear
and all is pain and shadows and confusion

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I understand the 'if only....' If only they had come more often!
    The comparison to the ocean in the final stanza is very apt.