Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Ready

Not Ready
I’m not ready for the wrinkles on my face
not ready for my husband’s diagnosis or
my diagnosis, not ready to see my friends
growing old, just like me, how short times
apart show how much they have aged and
I know they are thinking the same about me
I’m not ready and yet as I watch youth walk
by, parade on TV and in magazines and I 
see the look on their unblemished faces, I
remember with all my philosophical yearning
all my career capability, my child rearing and
managing a home, that I was efficient then
but, I knew so little about myself, about life
that along with wrinkles I have gained richness
of appreciation for everything living, that I 
have finally found my purpose, which is to 
realize the gift of life and to embrace it and me
before it is all gone
the hard work is over, the easy work begins
to wake each day and savor, to get close
to God, to stop the worry, the negativity, the
fear, to revel in the glory, magic, wonder of
creative evolution, kiss the ground, kiss the sky
kiss a rose, love everyone unconditionally


  1. I LOVE this!!!!! It is my mantra, as well, and the true gifts that come with aging - such appreciation for the miracle of life. Beautiful, Diane. I especially love "kiss the ground, kiss the everyone unconditionally." Perfection in a poem!

  2. Wow, This will be my battle cry as I set out each day. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy each day. Love this, Willow!

  3. This resonates with me, likely because I AM over 50. I love myself more with each passing day, regardless of the ravages of time.

  4. This is so beautifully expressed, Willow. There are different challenges at different times of life. It is interesting to think about this period of life as one that is easier than the times before, that just loving unconditionally, which you have a special way of doing, is the key.

  5. Willow,
    You have written words which I can relate to so much!!!
    We are in that same position in life, but embrace and enjoy all that you have now time to discover.
    A lovely, human piece of writing.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  6. Tough lesson, but so valuable.

  7. fun read..
    I agree with you somehow.

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