Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Visa Versa

Visa Versa


I watch them build
rapt with balance
higher and higher
joy a skyscraper
suddenly sweep
of an arm down
it all comes glee
in the destruction


  1. In the news here in Canada, a parking lot roof collapsed at a mall - your poem makes me think of that - the destruction. Nice to see you posting at Poets United.

  2. You paint your words so bold and clear. I can read this as a two year old building and then destroying, needing to learn about both. I can also read it with sorrow regarding acts of adults who haven't learned that it is wrong to destroy for the joy of it.

  3. We've had our share of roof and building collapse (a sports stadium,houses and a condominium) In all cases it was attributed to structural defects or mother nature.None put the blame on slip shod workmanship! Big business wins the day.


  4. I also see a child enjoying building a block tower, then enjoying its destruction in the same way! I do think there are adults who enjoy building up, then tearing down, in the same way. As adults, they are scary.