Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am earth
water my companion
daughter water sign
her father water sign

I desire water
drink to live
beside water
see colors

sea colors
mystery in water
what hides beneath
reflected in light

I love the sound
roar and crash
slap and trickle
splash and drip

in flight the ocean
looks like epidermis
on my arm as I twist
my wrist like waves

I feel sorry for fire
quenched by water
subdued I wish I were
water to my fire mate

Written for Poetry Jam
Prompt "Water"


  1. I enjoyed the wordings in this poem, Willow. The 'see colors' and 'sea colors.' I love thinking about people who are water, fire, well as the qualities of water itself! Oh, that we could quench in others what they need quenched!

  2. I love water too...any form.

  3. I like this ... it has a Native American chanting feel to it.

  4. Powerful image of the sea as your opening lines especially.

  5. nice closing stanza....i like the roar and crash of the water it is beautiful music to me...nice spin on the water...smiles.

  6. But both water and fire need earth! Nice write!

  7. I like the sounds and colors here of the water ~

    That last stanza was most revealing ~

    Nice to meet you ~

  8. I like how you went in the direction of astrological signs for this. Great poem!

  9. Willow, this is lovely, profound, and so you. Love it.

  10. Beautifully woven. I know how you do love the water and you can sure feel it in this poem.