Thursday, July 12, 2012


I had a boyfriend
in first grade.

We were thrilled
with our flirtation.

I have the photo
to prove it.

I wonder if anyone
could pick us out.


  1. Ha! I had a boyfriend in first grade too, my mother always reminded me. One thing I had told my mother I liked about him was that he had clean hands....and we used to hold hands. I wish I DID have a photo!

  2. The dance of youth, how fun! Wonderful memory~

  3. Oh that first thrill! It is wonderful. I'd like to see the photo too :-) That was a very clever ending.

  4. The grade school crush, so innocent!

  5. Thank you all for your wonderful responses. I tried scanning the photo, which is kind of a sepia, from 1952, when I went to a one room schoolhouse. The scan loses the quality completely, and wouldn't allow you to guess who I am nor who my first beau is, tho you might not be able to tell by seeing the photo as is either.