Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jackson Pollock

I watch and listen
to his process
he speaks of creation
I feel that painting 

I do not paint
what comes to Pollock
I paint what comes to me
I feel that painting


  1. I love the mystery in your words~
    The puzzle of his work revealed in emotion's view!
    They say if you see his work up close, you have a totally different opinion! I believe it~
    Well Done

  2. I like the painting or process of art ~ Nice interpretation ~

  3. Ah, I think perhaps that might be a 'lesson' we can take from Pollock's paint what comes to us, using either paints OR words.

  4. Oh, yes!! Painting is definitely a feeling thing...writing ,too! You've captured this well!

  5. Beautiful! We each definitely feel our own art! I like this very much.