Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Wind whistles through screen
trees sway back and forth
like a tilt-o-wheel arcade ride
no birds perched for wild thrills
even great blues are off the nest
the sun on a western slant
throws bright lime green paths
across deep green lawns
everything in motion it chills down
smells alive and fresh as a scatter 
of white birds race past too fast
to identify
I suspect ibis who fly in V formation
hard to identify their flight in wind
I open the door to turkey smells
go in to fix stuffing, sweet potatoes
brussels sprouts, cranberries done
as a Louisiana heron navigates the wind
and the great horned owl asks who, who
who, who, who again 


  1. How beautiful to be able to have such a wonderful opportunity for bird watching while preparing Thanksgiving dinner! I love the mention of the horned owl at the end. Who, who, who?

  2. Wonderful descriptions in this! The lime-green paths, the who who who at the end, and more. It also sounds like a really nice Thanksgiving Day!