Friday, November 30, 2012



Sometimes I am the odd one out
uncomfortable and awkward
other times I am the connecting force
I bring people together
they appreciate my vivacity
I enliven an uncomfortable group

Sometimes I hide my affiliations 
so as not to become disconnected
with people of different slants
people who can’t accommodate difference
I don’t go over to their side
I just listen and don’t speak

Sometimes I meet someone 
and it is an instant spark
sometimes the spark lasts
sometimes it doesn’t
sometimes I meet someone
no spark, it is nice and grows

Sometimes I mistrust and fear
when I'm not connected to a place
it is hard to trust and make connections
it is important to seek community
to find kindred souls and also those
who are different and help us grow

Sometimes I think how we are a family
as human beings and I wonder that we war
I never think I am causing hurt or fear
then I see I have said the wrong thing
accidentally or intentionally and received

Sometimes I think we are all headed to
annihilation, but of course we all die
its just how we do it
peaceful or terrified
I’m not sure how I’ll go
I hope it is peaceful



  1. This is very cool. Your conversational pace makes it seem almost tossed off, but this is the stuff that people think about, or at least I do, and I love it that you didn't end with any easy answers. There aren't any. But the questions still matter.

  2. PS--there is something wrong with your link at Toads. I had to refresh the main blog page to see your poem.

    1. I fixed the link!! All is well now.

  3. Hiya Willow,

    Your beads of 'sometimes' make a good chain for anybody to live by. Almost like a rosary with beads of golden russian amber or wine-coloured garnets. Something to finger in times of doubt or fear.

  4. We all die--the ultimate connection--
    it is just how we do it.

    How understated the entire poem and how on the button too. Thanks.

  5. Willow, I really enjoyed all the connections you made in this poem. I definitely do see you as a person who can be a connecting force, one who could enliven an uncomfortable group. You have THAT kind of energy....and smile. And yes, listening instead of speaking sometimes has its merit as well, if one knows one is the total minority. And yes, those instant sparks of very nice when they happen...and even nicer when they continue. And ah...indeed, we are all connected eventually in that we all die. The ultimate connection none can avoid. Whew.

  6. You shared a lot of yourself with us .. connecting in the best way possible. Loved this!!

  7. too. But preferably not today.

  8. I enjoyed your poem and felt connected to you reading it~
    I have this dialogue in my head, too.
    I think we all do...
    Yes, the connection of a huge family. The human race makes
    for a lot of missteps, but we keep trying!

  9. There almost seems to be a flippant attitude in this, but you speak life as it happens..we all go through it...we all wonder about our end. Great piece!!

  10. Your piece carries the reader, lyrically, through stages and phases of life. I like that. I like the seemingly personal perspetive and frankness as well.