Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Wish

I wish to be a caterpillar
all those feet and bristles
always advance or retreat
orbital eyes see everything

I would love to undulate
in a lovely fur coat across
lovely beds of succulents
brushing not eating as

Snails munch holes in
leaves and destroy roots
and I must give them
a shot of beer to destroy

Their eating of succulents 
for they love to get high
on beer just like me as I

relax while snails drink


  1. The life of a caterpillar could not be half bad!!

  2. I like this different twist on gardening. I have tried the beer thing as well but it never attracted enough snails to save the garden. At least our drought has made for fewer snails.

  3. You catch the link between nature and emotion so uniquely. I feel the desire to be high behind this poem. I didn't know about snails and beer. We had a big snail problem in Southern California. I never see them in Austin.