Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lunch with Susan

“You have free will,” she said.
“I do?”  “I do,” I said, a new
phenomenon for my way of 
living my life cowed by him
who tells me how it is
how it will be forever and ever
in his threatening voice and
facial grimaces and I wonder
at me and how I have endured
this for what seems like forever
still, I cower, I am at fault
for I never should have allowed
the cowing bowing down to him

I have free will, she said so.


  1. You do have free will. Take care of yourself.........

  2. I cry hearing you blame yourself for having been cowed. That thinking is the scar of bullying and shame. Whatever choices you have made out of free will in the past, however you may have lost that will, I agree with Susan and Mary that you have it now, and that I pray you will use it for self care.