Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'll Never Know What the Clouds Promised

I lie on my back watching clouds
white feathery ones wisp away
little hills like herds of sheep
gray and white and pink scud off
mountains build and thrilled I think 
California rather than flat Florida
I imagine many characters
many scenes, just as when 
I was a child on my swing
tipped back flying in clouds
I saw stories unfold, my future 
in clouds rather than in tea leaves
scenes played out in the sky dissolved
I'll never know what the clouds promised


  1. Beautiful, Willow. I spent a lot of time looking at clouds too....both lying in the grass or swinging on swings. I do wonder if today's children spend time looking at clouds as we did!

  2. Wonderful sense of remembering childhood in this, as well as a wistful feeling. I can picture this scene so well. Excellent.

  3. I love this poem and the whole scene it describes. I remember sky watching and cloud identifying and the peace in all of that. Beautiful!