Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Know Balance

Train whistle
shadowy ghosts
rouse me restless
from nestled sleep
bizarre dreams
steel wheels spark
on railroad tracks
scorched fields
in August drought
smudgy air seeps
I remember sores 
from straps for 
walking on tracks
I know balance


  1. It is important to know balance, but sometimes achieving it is difficult!

  2. I like it, Willow. And, I like that I wasn't sure where the poem was going, which carried me more closely with it. I'm laughing at myself. I have just reread the poem for the sixth time, because I keep finding more things. Well done.


  3. I love the ending especially, Willow. Darkness illuminated with hope.

  4. Sometimes when I think of balance I think of the blind Lady Justice statue. And sometimes I just wish I had a bigger beam :)

  5. Profound... and the ending is really good.

  6. interesting poem. I used to walk the railroad tracks as a kid., lucky i never got into trouble for, just reminder to listen for the train.

  7. I fear for all fields that border railroad tracks and have to endure those sparking wheels!

    Whirling Haiku

  8. Wow, this is amazing, Willow. The ending is such a surprise to my senses!