Saturday, February 11, 2012

On A Lonely Road

On A Lonely Road

I wander on my road
which always felt lonely
until I realized we are
all alone on this road

It is our own journey
no one else but us
yet we form alliances
from hunter gatherer

days when someone
had to have our back
days now when it is 
good to have friends

I am alone on this road
it is an awakening
it is my path to traverse
it is each person's path

I wander on my road
I don't feel lonely
I realize we are 
all alone on this road


  1. This is so true, Willow. We each travel an individual path, even though there are others on the road. We are born alone, we each have our own path to walk, and eventually our own way to die. Aloneness is reality of existence.

  2. Such striking truth, Willow. We are ultimately alone. This is a truth that I've learned as well. I am glad you have so many friends and family, too, but still..we are alone.

  3. Wonderful and so very wise. Yes, we are all alone, so none of us is alone.